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Lil Groovers Pre School Program

Welcome to Lil Groovers, an exceptional preschool dance program offered exclusively at our studio, meticulously designed for young dancers aged 2.5 to 6 years. This unique program serves as a gateway to a world where rhythm, movement, and imagination seamlessly blend to create an unforgettable dance experience for your little ones.

Renowned for its diverse and vibrant curriculum, Lil Groovers encompasses seven distinct dance styles – Lil HipHop, Lil Jazz, Lil Ballet, Lil Cheer, Lil Ninjas, Lil Acrobatics, and Lil Tap. Each style is thoughtfully crafted to cater to the unique interests and developmental needs of preschoolers, ensuring they engage, learn, and have fun all at once.

At our studio, we take pride in offering Lil Groovers as part of our commitment to providing high-quality, age-appropriate, and diverse dance education. The program is a delightful mix of current, appropriate music, innovative choreography, and captivating themes, all tailored to delight and inspire young minds.

By choosing Lil Groovers at our studio, your child embarks on a dance adventure that nurtures their creativity, boosts their confidence, and develops their motor skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Join us and witness your child’s passion for dance flourish in an atmosphere filled with joy, learning, and the magic of dance. Lil Groovers is more than just a dance program; it marks the beginning of a lifelong love for movement and expression.

Introducing Lil Ninjas — an exhilarating adventure for young enthusiasts who thrive on excitement! Designed for kids with boundless energy, this dynamic program is perfect for those who revel in jumping, rolling, and climbing their way through challenges.

For the daring souls who crave a little challenge and love the thrill of a fast-paced environment, Lil Ninjas is the ultimate playground. Each week, your child will conquer new physical challenges, fostering independence and teamwork. Lil Ninjas not only encourages physical prowess but also promotes mental resilience, pushing boundaries, and achieving milestones with care and support.

This class is a haven for kids who relish sports, play, and are eager to build coordination for dance. But it’s not just about physical activities—Lil Ninjas incorporates critical thinking skills through activities like sorting colours, creating puzzles, and much more.

Give your child the gift of an exhilarating journey, where they not only unleash their physical potential but also nurture their minds. Lil Ninjas is not just a class; it’s a thrilling adventure in self-discovery and achievement. Enrol your little ninja today! 

Calling all parents of little Groovers! If your child loves to roll around on the floor and can’t resist the beats of upbeat pumping music, then Lil Hip Hop is the ultimate dance destination for them!

Lil Hip Hop is not just a dance class; it’s an immersive experience designed to captivate your child’s love for movement. Our special class focuses on mastering the 5 elements, ensuring that visual learning becomes the key to your child’s success. With the help of a specially designed mat, your little one will thrive both inside and outside the classroom, conquering floor work, perfecting footwork, and gaining impressive balance skills—all while having a blast exploring different shapes, colours, and even learning to tell time.

But that’s not all – Lil Hip Hop goes beyond just dance moves. Our class is a journey towards musicality, teaching foundational hip hop positions with the guidance of the incredible Bboy Beatz and Boomah. Your child will groove, learn, and master the art of hip hop in a fun and supportive environment.

And guess what? With all the educational music in our repertoire, your child will be singing their ABCs and discovering fascinating facts about animals while hip-hopping through the lounge room. Don’t let your child miss out on the hippest dance experience in town!

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Lil Acrobats—the ultimate class for young enthusiasts seeking strength, flexibility, and the foundations of flips! Get ready to soar to new heights as each week unfolds a thrilling adventure to a different destination with none other than Trixz, the flipping fox.

In this dynamic class, Lil Groovers will not only explore the world but also discover new moves, all while enhancing their balance, flexibility, and strength through foundational acrobatic techniques like straddles, bunny hops, and pikes. Supported by specialised acrobatic mats and guided by our expert teachers, students will confidently achieve new skills, one flip at a time.

But that’s not all—Trixz brings an added twist to literacy, encouraging Lil Groovers to read captivating books that transport them to new destinations with an acrobatic flair. Picture this: flipping pages as they flip themselves, creating an unparalleled learning experience.This class is not just about physical prowess; it’s a holistic adventure that combines acrobatics with literacy, ensuring your child’s development takes flight in more ways than one.

Calling all parents of budding ballerinas! If your child loves to twirl and leap, adores unicorns, and can’t resist dressing up in cute tulle, then our Lil Ballet classes are tailor-made for them!

Step into the enchanting world of ballet, where Lil Groovers embark young ballerinas will learn foundational positions and posture true to the elegant style of ballet. With grace and delight, every little ballerina will twirl down Tippy’s Tightrope and glide across the room in a magical display of movement.

Enter Tippy the unicorn, the enchanting leader of our Lil Ballet classes. Tippy not only adds a sprinkle of magic to each lesson but also helps our young ballet students grow and shine with confidence. Under Tippy’s guidance, your child will not only master the art of ballet but also discover the joy of self-expression through dance.

Get ready for a whimsical adventure with Lil Cheer—an epic class where every energetic youngster has a place to shine! This class is not just about cheers; it’s a class focusing on the camaraderie of a team and the spirited atmosphere of sports teams.

In our enchanting Lil Cheer Squad, your little one will twirl into a world of wonder, learning high jumps and bounces that are nothing short of magical. Each Lil Groover will gain their Pom Poms, and learn to create strong, synchronised lines. It’s all about the spellbinding and sharp movements in our Lil Cheer class, where every routine is a captivating spectacle.

Imagine your child becoming a little wizard of cheer, spreading joy and enchantment with every spirited routine. Lil Cheer is not just a class; it’s an opportunity for your preschooler to build confidence, embrace teamwork, and discover the joy of dynamic movements—all in a dynamic setting.

Is your little one a budding pop star, always belting out tunes and dancing like nobody’s watching? If so, they’re in for a treat with our sensational Lil Jazz Class! Imagine your preschooler embracing a vibrant and fun style, turning, leaping, and jumping with boundless energy.

In this funky fresh class, your child will be bouncing around the room, shimmying, and mastering those explosive, dynamic moves that are sure to steal the spotlight. Lil Jazz is not just a class; it’s an invitation to a world of fun vibes and groovy beats.

Watch as your child transforms into a mini superstar, learning and dancing to the latest pop hits in a lively and supportive environment. Lil Jazz isn’t just about the moves; it’s about creating an experience where every twirl and hop is infused with the joy of music and the thrill of self-expression.

For the tiny sound and rhythm creators, Lil Tap is the perfect playground where preschoolers dive into the mesmerising world of dance in the most delightful way possible! From lively shuffles to the sweet melody of heel taps, each Lil Tapper embarks on a rhythm-filled adventure, tuning their ears to the magical beats.

If your child can’t resist tapping their feet to every tune, then tap might just be their perfect dance style! Lil Tap isn’t just about making noise; it’s about embracing an incredible sense of musicality and creating a symphony with every step.

As your little one indulges in the rhythmic magic of tap, they’ll discover a dance form that not only keeps their feet moving but also enhances their balance, coordination, and control. It’s not just a class; it’s a journey into the captivating world of tap dance where every shuffle is a step towards a rhythmic masterpiece.