CSDS Classes


Gymnastics and Tumble for all ages

Gymnastics is one of the most exciting forms of physical exercise. Great for the youngsters, it strengthens muscles, improves co-ordination and builds self confidence.

From forward rolls to flips, gymnastics is a fusion of strength, flexibility and power. Our students learn correct technique and are challenged by the progress they make through the skills we ask them to master. Students learn rolls, cartwheels, handstands, walkovers, handsprings, flips and acrobatics. And, at the end of the year they perform a display of their achievements.

GYMNASTICS – Students will be assessed prior to being assigned to a class
  • Beginners 6yrs and older – Students at a beginner level
  • Intermediate – must be able to cartwheel
  • Advance – must be able do forward/back walk over