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Learning, Living and Loving dance takes energy and discipline. But the rewards are immense. To make sure you get the most from CSDS we have set out our policies and procedures for your information. Please take the time to read them

  • Additional learning

    By enroling as a CSDS student, students and parents agree not to take part in any classes, functions or otherwise appear at other dance studios, unless it is in a style that we do not teach (such as Irish).

  • Classes

    Groups And Levels

    We want the best learning experience for your dancer. We place dancers in the level we believe they will learn the most. If a dancer feels that they are not getting the most out of their experience, we will work with them on ways to increase their learning within that same class.


    The CSDS teachers will place students in classes most suitable for them. This will be done on the basis that each individual student should be given the most appropriate learning environment for their needs.

    We take into consideration things such as a student’s current stage of ability, physical and emotional development and age.


    To reach full potential in class and perform well at concerts, a student must attend on a consistent basis. Therefore, we expect regular attendance from all of our students at CSDS. Students should arrive approximately 10 minutes prior to their scheduled class time to properly prepare for class and to make sure that he/she does not interrupt a class by late arrival.

    Troupes & Solos

    All troupe and eisteddfod students are required to attend all classes, eisteddfods and shows. If you do not have a good attendance record you may lose your place in troupes.


    If a student must withdraw from classes, please notify CSDS in writing immediately as you will be charged for all scheduled classes until that time.

    Leave of Absence

    If a student must take a leave of absence for any amount of time, please notify CSDS. The reason of absence will be reviewed and is subject to approval by CSDS. In the event that CSDS does not regard the reason as warranting approval, tuition will be charged as scheduled.

  • Concerts

    You will be notified by newsletter or email of when tickets may be purchased.Students must attend the rehearsal in order to participate in the concert.

    Absolutely no photography or videography is permitted at this time.DVD’s of the performance will be on sale through the studio.

    All accounts must be up to date prior to performances.

  • Costumes

    During Term 3 you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of $30 per style for costumes.

    This needs to be paid by week 8 of Term 3 to commence costumes. Costumes range from approximately $50–$100. Once purchased payment is non-refundable.

    Mid Year concert costumes.

    Most of the costumes for this concert will be organized by you, with some being hired (cost $10–$40).

  • CSDS fees
    • Fees are charged in order to maintain students placing in their classes.
    • Missed classes - Payment is compulsory if the student misses their classes.
    • Fees must be kept up to date so as not to incur a late fee of $20 for overdue fees.
    • Fees are to be paid with your child’s first lesson for the week.
    • Fees are to be paid to the receptionist NOT to the teacher; the fees must be recorded on the computer for confirmation.
    • Fees can be paid weekly, monthly or by the term.
Fees paid by the Term within the first 3 weeks of the term will receive a 10% discount.
    • Fees can be paid by Eftpos, cash or Direct credit, if paying direct credit ensure the students name is listed on the transfer information.
    • Prior to the end of term please check at reception to ensure all fees are up to date.
    • A late fee of $20 will be charged if fees are late unless previously arranged.
    • All outstanding invoices (including fees) must be paid before any concert costumes are distributed.
    Item Amount Details
    1 class $12 45 minutes per week
    2 classes $21 1 hr 30 mins per week
    3 classes $29 2 hrs 15 mins per week
    4 classes $36 3 hrs per week
    5 classes $42 3 hrs 45 mins per week
    6 classes $47 4 hrs 30 mins per week
    Unlimited classes $50 Unlimited
    Pilates, Ladies Classes $15 Casual Rate
    $100 Pay up front for 10 classes
    45 minutes - I hour classes
    Singing $30 Pay 5 weeks up front  30 min per week
    Missed class fee As above class fees. These fees are charged in order to maintain students placing in their classes. This fee is compulsory if the student misses their classes.
    Competition fee Competition classes incur a surcharge
    Private Lessons Each teacher different price - Pay 5 weeks upfront
  • Dress Rules

    What you wear to your dance class is vitally important for two reasons.

    Firstly, proper dance attire allows for ease of movement of the body.

    Secondly, it gives the teacher the ability to detect and correct any physical problems you may have with your body alignment.

    General attire

    Each student must have his/her dance attire and shoes 1 month from the day of enrolment. Dress code at CSDS is strictly enforced. Students may be dismissed from class if our dress code is not followed.

    Personal items

    Please put your name on all articles of clothing, shoes and bags. Jewellery items or extra accessories should be left at home as they are not permitted in class. CSDS is not responsible for any lost or stolen articles.

    Dance shoes

    These should not be worn outside the studio or performance areas.


    Stocking or socks MUST be worn with all footwear for hygienic and comfort reasons. We encourage students to wear convertible foot stockings if they have a number of classes.


    All female students must wear their hair in secure bun/s with hairnet and hairpins. A red, black or white ribbon or ‘scrunchie’ may also be worn in the hair. Hair must be tied back neatly in one or two ponytails for Hip Hop and Cheerleading. A bun is also permissible for Gymnastics/Tumbling if other dance classes are on the same day.


    The studio jacket can be ordered at the front desk. The jacket is compulsory for eisteddfod and performance students and optional for all other students. It usually takes 6 weeks to receive the jackets if they are not in stock.

    Class specific Attire


    • Studio leotard
    • Clean ballet shoes
    • Ballet stockings
    • Ballet students are not allowed to wear any form of bike pants or dance pants in class.
    • Senior ballet students may wear the black chiffon wrap classical skirt.


    • Any item of studio uniform
    • Tan stockings
    • Black jazz shoes


    • Any item of studio uniform
    • Tan stockings
    • Tan Mary Jane tap shoes (Pre Junior-junior 2)
    • Black lace up tap shoes (Int 1 and above)


    • Any item of studio uniform
    • Tan convertible stockings
    • Ballet shoes (Pre Junior – junior 2)
    • Foot undeez (Int 1 and above)
  • Etiquette

    What Does My Teacher Expect From Me?

    I hope you ask yourself this question! Teachers want to be able to do their job effectively, and they need your help in order to do it. How can a dance instructor help a student who is unable to learn? This section will help you learn to prepare for class and act accordingly during class,

    Why Is Etiquette So Important In Dance Class?

    Dance is cantered around the age-old traditions, and we keep those traditions alive in dance classes today. Many of those traditions have become part of the culture of dance. Disrespecting dance cultures shows the teacher you are not interested in learning, and it creates negativity in the studio.

    Etiquette also prepares you for the professional world of dance; dance professionals expect a certain kind of behaviour in class, competitions and auditions. If you do not behave appropriately, you will be asked to sit out of class.

    Before Class

    • Arrive 10-15 minutes early, and begin warming up your body as you need.
    • Be dressed out and ready for class, and adhere to the dress code
    • Please do not do your hair in the studio; have your hair ready before class, and make sure it is well secured.
    • Use the bathroom and hydrate yourself before class.
    • Remove street shoes before entering the studios, and do not wear your dance shoes outside.
    • Please mute or turn off your mobile phones and keep them safely zipped in you dance bag outside the studio. Do not check your phone in class unless specifically approved by your teacher for special emergency situations.
    • Make sure your dance bag and clothing are ready the day before.

    In-Class Behaviour

    • Marking the routines is not allowed- always dance full-out unless specifically told to mark by your teacher
    • If you are told to mark always do your arms full-out!
    • Don’t talk during class.
    • Ask a question by raising your hand.
    • Don’t yawn or look at the class; this tells the teacher you don’t want to be in class, or you aren’t interested in their lesson. Stay attentive and aware and “tune in.”
    • Don’t lean on the barres, cross your arms, sit, lay on the floor, or stare out of space while your teacher is explaining or demonstrating; this tells the teacher you don’t care about what they are saying.
    • Don’t stop dancing in the middle of a routine for any reason, unless the teacher stops the music and tells you to stop.
    • Don’t roll your eyes or tell your teacher “this other teacher does it this way” or say “I know that” after receiving a correction. This is called “talking back and it is very rude – Remember versatile dancers are strong dancers!
    • Don’t practice choreography or dance steps from a different class.
    • Don’t ask the teacher “can we do this step or combination?” – trust the teacher will give you what they think you need.
    • Don’t talk to your class mates while a teacher is working with another student – pay attention to what is being said, even if you don’t think it applies to you.
    • Don’t dance faster than the teacher – the teacher is working slowly for a reason.
    • Never talk bad about your classmate’s hair, body, technique, musicality, etc. Always respect your fellow classmate’s.

    Sick Or Hurt

      • If possible, attend class. You will be able to sit down and observe the class
      • If you are injured, let your teacher know immediately and take advice on what to do or not do
      • If you are too sick to attend, please contact the studio.


      • Always thank a teacher after receiving every correction or compliment
      • Always thank your teacher, coach front desk employee after class.

      After Class

      • Never leave the class without thanking your teacher – Always curtsy, thank them, or show appreciation in whatever way they have requested
      • Always leave the studio clean and organized, as you found it.
      • Always put rubbish, barres and extra equipment (stretch bands, matts, poms) where they belong.
      • Wait patiently if you need to speak to the teacher after class, call or email asking for a convenient time for them to talk.

      General Etiquette

      • Your dancer will follow your example; if you trust the dance instructor’s judgement and show them respect, your dancer will do the same. This creates the best and most positive learning environment for everyone.
  • Lost and damaged property

    Centre Stage Dance Studio is not responsible for items that are lost or stolen on the school premises or in the area surrounding the school.

    If your child damages any property of Centre Stage Dance Studio you may be asked to pay for the repairs.

  • Newsletters

    Notices of news and events are available in the CSDS Newsletter every two months - both online and via email. Please make sure you enter your current email address on all enrolment forms.

    Why not have your newsletter sent to you by email? Contact us and request that your email be added to our mailing list.

  • Nutrition

    Dance is often more strenuous than sports or other performing arts. For your dancer's health and injury prevention, please note the following suggestions:

    • No sugar, pre-packed, or processed foods (fast foods) before or after class No food in the studio unless specific permission is given
    • No softdrink or sweet drinks before class. Pack a water-bottle for your dancer, and make sure they have had water before class
    • Dancers should eat a healthy meal 1 hour before class begins (to avoid stomach cramps)
    • After class, dancers should eat a small meal high in protein to accelerate muscle regrowth


  • Parent pick up and drop off

    Parents are responsible for transporting their child to and from class on time.

    Students must wait inside the building until their ride arrives. Please use street parking and come in and pick-up your child.

    Please notify the teacher if someone other than the child’s parents will be picking them up.

  • Photography

    By enroling at Centre Stage Dance Studio, students and parents agree that photographs and videos may be taken of students in class and at school functions for promotional and website advertising.

  • Restrooms

    Parents are requested to remind students, especially young students, to use the restroom prior to class time.

    If an emergency visit to the restroom is necessary during class time, students need only ask permission from their teacher

    Students must keep the restrooms clean and not use the toilets as a change area.

  • Student dismissal

    By enroling as a CSDS student, parents agree that some disciplinary action may be taken by CSDS if any problem arises with a student in class.

    This may include a student being asked to sit down and not participate in the class and if the problem persists, the student may be asked to remove themselves from class and a parent/teacher conference will be scheduled.

  • Studio area rules
    • Food and drink are not permitted in the studios.
    • Students are not to lean on, or touch studio mirrors. Dance Barres are for educational purposes only.
    • Students are not to hang or swing from Barres; nor should clothes or towels be hung from the Barres.
    • All teaching tools, props, visual aids, and sound equipment are property of Centre Stage Dance Studio and should not be used without permission of the teacher.
    • Siblings are not permitted to be in the studio while classes are in progress.  


    • When invited into the studio to observe your dancer in person, please remove street shoes, and stay along the outside of the room.
    • Always ask the teacher before taking photos or recording an observation, and especially regarding posting the footage online.


    • Do not under any circumstances use flash photography. This can distract a dancer's spot, and can lead to serious injury
    • Do not photograph or record unless you have permission of the instructor and the theater.Do not yell names, cheering, or standing ovations are always appropriate.
  • Uniform Prices
    • Studio Uniform Price Leotard - $35 child / $40 adult
    • Singlet top - $35 child / $40 adult
    • Skirt - $35 child / $40 adult Tutu - $45 (pre-junior classes only)
    • Shorts - $35 child / $40 adult
    • 3/4 Pants - $45 child / $50 adult
    • Crop top - $30
    • Track pants - $55
    • Jacket - $55 Hoodie - $50
    • Ballet shoes - $40
    • Jazz shoes - $50
    • Mary Jane Tan Tap shoes - $60
    • Black lace up tap shoes $85
    • Foot Undeez - $20
    • Pirouette - $35
  • Waiting Area

    The waiting area at Centre Stage Dance Studio is for the convenience of our students and parents/guardians.

    • Children must be supervised at all times.
    • Running through the hallway is prohibited.
    • Quiet conversation is welcome, misbehaviour will not be tolerated
    • Place all rubbish in bins provided
    • Return all waiting room accessories (chairs, books, magazines, etc.) to their proper place after being used.

The information provided above helps us make you a great dancer. What you wear and the efficient organisation of our studio are important components of teaching. They give us the opportunity to effectively observe you so that you learn correct dance technique.


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